Instrument Rentals

Our rentals and services are second to none.

As music teachers and players, our goal is to get fantastic, high-quality instruments into the hands of students so that they can experience the wonderful world of music without an inferior instrument to frustrate them. We want our clients to “grow into” their instruments rather than “grow out” of them. For this reason, you will not find the typical student-grade instruments in our shop.

Confidence is Key

Entry-Level Instruments are a common frustration and often a primary reason beginner musicians quit. At Plum grove, you will get an intermediate to professional-level instrument that looks great and sounds better. All of our rentals include complimentary maintenance and replacement coverage. Every instrument is given careful attention to detail to ensure confidence in what you play.

Our unique lesson program is focused on providing joy to every student. Because of this, our goal is to have you smiling at each lesson. Performance opportunities, which are common at Plum Grove, help share this joy with our community.

String Instruments

Band Instruments



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