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String Rentals

We rent and service all members of the string instrument family. Our equity program allows you to save money toward the purchase of an instrument in our shop while you rent!

Special features of our string rentals:

-We only rent instruments that we would love to play on!

You won’t find any entry level instruments in our shop, because we believe that you should learn on something that sounds beautiful and helps you as you learn.

-Each instrument is hand selected by our luthiers for both its sound and appearance.

You can be proud of the way your instrument looks as well as enjoy the sweet tones it produces.

-Our rentals are inspected by professionals with extreme attention to detail.

Everything is designed and set up for optimum performance. We are certain that you will not find this quality in rentals and service anywhere else!

-We cover maintenance and repairs on your instrument.

No extra charge for Maintenance and Repair (M&R). We replace all strings, and take care of accidental breaks and damage to the instrument. You don’t have to worry about a thing!

Special Starter Packages

Includes 3 months rent, and introductory private lesson. (Eligible only for first time renters).

Violin or Viola - $59

Cello - $79

Bass - $149

Free Maintenance and Repair Coverage!
Free pick up and delivery service to schools.
No added fees in the contract!

Regular Monthly Rental Rates

The full amount of every rental payment made applies towards purchase. Plum Grove will apply 100% of your rental payments towards up to 50% of the purchase price of any one full size violin, viola, cello, or bass sold from our shop. Your equity accumulates no matter how long you decide to rent. We also accept competitor's equity.

Violin $24.99/month

Viola $27.99/month

Cello $39.99/month

String Bass $59.99/month

Price includes maintenance and repair coverage.

Initial rental period is 3 months.

Upgraded rentals are also available.

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