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Band Rentals

Our band rentals and service are second to none.

We want our clients to “grow into” their instruments, rather than “grow out” of them. For this reason, you will not find the typical student grade instruments in our shop. As music teachers and players, our goal is to get fantastic, high-quality instruments into the hands of students so that they can experience the wonderful world of music without an inferior instrument to frustrate them.

We carry a wide variety of popular brass and wind brands, including Buffet clarinets, Antigua saxophones, Di Zhao flutes, and Getzen brass.

We also offer Gemeinhardt, Besson, Hans Hoyer, B&S, Melton Meinl Weston, and more.

We also accept competitors equity. Switch to a Plum Grove rental today!

Special Starter Packages!

(includes 3 months rent, and introductory private lesson)

Trumpet / Cornet / Trombone - $79

Flute / Clarinet / Drum / Percussion Kit - $79

Baritone Horn / Euphonium / French Horn - $79

Alto Sax / Wood Clarinet / Oboe - $109

Tenor Sax - $129

Mini Tuba - $199

Full Size Tuba- $299

Risk Free! - Return at anytime with no further obligation.

No added charge for Maintenance & Replacement Coverage (M&R)

No hidden fees - all money paid applies toward purchase.

Regular Monthly Rental Rates

(after first 3 months)

Trumpet / Cornet / Trombone - $39.99 per month

Flute / Clarinet / Drum / Percussion Kit - $39.99 per month

Baritone Horn / Euphonium / French Horn - $39.99 per month

Alto Saxophone / Oboe / Wood Clarinet - $52.99 per month

Tenor Saxophone - $62.99 per month

Tuba - Mini 3 valve - $99.99 per month

Tuba - Full size 4 valve - $149.99 per month

Free Maintenance and Replacement Coverage! (M&R)

Early Payoff Discount of 30%

Outright Purchases up to 40% off

Free pick up and delivery service to schools.

Free loaner instrument if yours needs service.

Upgraded rentals are also available.

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